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Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 2013
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BT Delta Elite
CF Boomstick AC 15".688
Crown SF - Rotor - Black
DIablo Heat
Dye Attack Pack Pro DyeCam
Dye C14 Ace Jersey Lime/Navy S/M
Dye C14 Bomber Pants Black/Lime XS/S
Dye DM14 PGA Bomber Lime
Dye I4 Thermal Lens - Blue Flash
Dye Rotor Loader Air Strike Cyan
Dye Tip DyeCam 14" Dust
Eclipse Ego LV1 Poison IV1
Eclipse ETek 4 AM Purple
Eclipse Etha Titan White
Empire BT Dfender Marker Black
Empire BT Dfender Marker Grey
Empire Contact Zero FT Jersey Lime Small
Empire Event Thermal Lens - Yellow
Empire Flex Face - Black
Empire Flex Face - Blue
Empire LTD FT Jersey Grid Medium
Empire LTD FT Jersey Hex XXX-Large
Empire LTD FT Pants Blood Large
Empire LTD FT Pants Flare X-Large
Empire Prevail Jersey FT Magenta Large
Empire Spectrum
GI Sportz 3-Star
GI Sportz Winter
Invert Mini GS - Black
Invert Mini GS - Dust Grey Orange
NINJA 77/4500 Dura Olive
Planet Eclipse GSL - VYPR
Pulse RDR (Radar) Paintball Loader - RED
RPS Marballizer
Spire Loader - Impact - Brown
Spire Loader - Russian Legion - Blue
Spyder Fenix Diamond Black
Spyder Fenix Grey
Tiberius Arms First Strike Round - 24 8 Round Tubes
Tippmann A-5 Basic
Tippmann Crossover
Tippmann Patrol Vest Digi Camo
Tippmann X-7 Phenom
US Army Project Salvo
Vanquish Tuxedo Black

Splat Paintball Field

Splat Attack Corp., has been dedicated to Paintball for over 15 years. Established in 1996, We have long-established solid relations with our local florida customers, vendors, and manufacturers. We will price match any legitimate company. NO EXCEPTIONS!

We have a strong customer base of thousands in just the South Florida region, some of which since we opened the first store over 15 years ago.

The founders of this company are paintball enthusiasts and started playing paintball back when it was first conceived, when only "pump" guns existed.

We specialize in retail sales of thousands of different brand new items from the top brands and we are authorized distributors of all the major paintball brands and manufacturers. WE ARE ONE OF THE ONLY "Luxe Authorized Distributors" in the country. Read More